Small Details About Your Oil

When you view some bottles of oil on store shelves, you might notice that there is a "W" with the number. Although it would make sense that this letter stands for the weight of the oil, it actually stands for winter. The number that you see in front of the letter is the lowest temperature for the viscosity of the oil during the winter months.

When you take your car to Donnell Lincoln of Salem to have your oil changed, you might notice that it has a dark color. This might not seem like it should be alright for your vehicle, but it's actually an indication that the oil is cleaning your motor. If you notice that the oil is turning darker faster than you like, then you can get your oil changed a bit sooner than you normally would.

The additives that can be put in your oil might seem like they would help your motor run better, but they can sometimes clog the oil filter and other components. You usually don't need any additives as long as you change your oil as recommended and use the proper oil for your car.


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