What to do if You Slide on an Icy Road

Here at Donnell Lincoln of Salem, we want you to be prepared for harsh winter driving conditions. Understeer and oversteer are two types of slides that can happen on ice, and if you start to slide or fishtail, then you're more than likely driving too fast for the road conditions. Here are some ways that you can correct a slide.

Oversteer causes more accidents than understeer. If you have a vehicle with rear-wheel drive, then you are more likely to experience oversteer. To correct an oversteer slide, don't hit the brakes because it will trigger further sliding, and try to turn into the slide to regain control.

It's also important not to panic if you start to slide on the ice. Although understeer sliding and oversteer sliding are both dangerous, an oversteer slide causes the car to have angular momentum, which can cause it to spin out and rotate faster.


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